post placement care training + Curriculum

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the problem:

We have been hosting successful post-placement support/community groups in many different forums for almost a decade. We know what it takes and we know WHY they are so important. The biggest struggle is that we are in one tiny part of this country. Yes, we have social media groups and yes, that is helpful, but there is great harm that can be done in these groups if not managed correctly. We believe there is nothing more powerful in a healing journey than to be able to disconnect from our devices and sit knee-to-knee with another woman, to cry, to share and to interact in a private and intimate setting. There is nothing more comforting than walking into your, "ME TOO". But how do we take what we have learned and provide this kind of space for grieving mothers all over the country?

the solution:

You. You are the solution. What better place to take what we have learned than to those that are in the trenches with the mothers, that have the licensed professionals to monitor and help navigate the grief that boils to the surface and to provide the most consistent long term care. We recognize the amazing efforts that the agencies are putting into making adoptions possible. We are a supporter of the professionals and the industry. Lifetime Healing LLC is here to consult, offer training packages, and provide licensed curriculum to adoption professionals and individual women who are ready and willing to lead our lifetime post placement care in their local communities. With our intensive two-day training, a hosted support group, 12 month annual curriculum, online tool kits, detailed demographic details from our Birth Mother Registry, access to our community support and more, we are setting you up to create and host FREE and lasting post placement care for women who have made the choice of adoption.


What it is:

During our time together, you will learn to host and lead post placement support groups EVERY single month for women that have placed or that will place their children for adoption…the way we that we have been hosting groups for almost a decade. Our emotion based curriculum has changed lives around the country. We believe in focusing on more specific topics for deeper work. We are proud of our LIFE curriculum, not adoption curriculum. We believe that hosting a support group is NOT the same as having a luncheon/meet-up. We believe that building community connection is important, but the deep soul work is where the healing takes place. This structure also creates great insight for the licensed professionals to pinpoint areas in the women that maybe need a little extra attention during their one-on-one sessions.

what it’s not:

A franchise or a chain. Our licensing package is an opportunity to learn and utilize our curriculum, which has been life changing and effective, nationwide.



The process for becoming a Certified Agency or Community Leader is demanding and takes a high level of commitment, sacrifice and hard work. This is purposeful and intentional, we believe in only bringing the best of the best in the industry to lead our Birth Mothers. 

The dream of Knee To Knee LLC is to have our post placement curriculum taught every month all over the country. As a Certified Agency or Community Leader you will come away with everything you need to begin immediately.  

No matter where a woman finds herself post placement, she should have access to FREE lifetime care.   

  • Step One: Fill out our simple and free online pre-application for processing and screening HERE.

  • Step Two: Receive your automated THANK YOU letter and read over your instructions.

  • Step Three: Have your call with President, Ashley Mitchell and talk through our passion to support you.

  • Step Four: Receive your booking package by email for consideration and booking instructions.

  • Step Five: Agree to terms, submit payment, schedule training....then change the world!


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